Bonus Digital Art Tutorials and Information

  1. Scott Speaks to the Freshman Class about 21st century education at the Cleveland Institute of Art.

  2. iPad Mini Tutorials - Learn iPad basics with Digital Art Revolution author Scott Ligon.

  3. Top Ten Ways that Digital Technology is Changing the World - Digital Art Revolution author Scott Ligon, video for the Huffington Post.

  4. Digital Art Revolution Author Scott Ligon speaks at the Museum of Modern Art with introduction by Cleveland Institute of Art’s Casey Burry, June 9, 2010. See the entire lecture about the digital revolution here.

  5. Downloadable Exercise Files - Download the files used in the exercises in “Digital Art Revolution, Creating Fine Art with Photoshop”.

  6. Four Free Photoshop Tutorials - Adapted from the pages of Digital Art Revolution on photoshopsupport.com. Access all of them here. They range from simple, basic Photoshop technique, to more expressive advanced fine art exercises.

  7. Type Tools in Photoshop - Comprehensive instruction and Tutorial! Typography for the Fine Artist & Working with Photoshop Type Tools.

  8. Making Digital Files from Physical Artwork - Includes video tutorials about photographing physical artwork and preparing the images for a digital portfolio. Also includes an extensive written tutorial on creating digital files from physical artwork.

  9. Creating a Shadow from a Selection Mask - A brief tutorial for creating convincing shadows by making, filling and distorting selection masks.

  10. Escape Velocity - Scott Ligon’s first short animated film is now available on iTunes through Shorts International. Only $1.99.  Get more info on this “extras page”.

  11. Making of “Figure/Ground” - Multi part series documenting decisions and techniques used in the creation of this upcoming hybrid of animation and digital video by Scott Ligon.

  12. Apple iPad - Three short videos (one serious, two humorous) by Scott Ligon, author of “Digital Art Revolution, Creating Fine Art with Photoshop”.

  13. TedTalks- Pranav Mistry and Jane McGonigal show us our digital future in these amazing “videos.  How the physical and digital worlds will merge! How gaming can save the world!

  14. 15 Green Things- An Exercise in Digital Creativity. Download the images and try it yourself!

  15. Elements of Design- Short videos about art and creativity by Scott Ligon, author of “Digital Art Revolution”.

Photoshop image from digital video Figure/Ground
Apple ipad
Panav Misry from TED lecture on digital technology
Green thing, digital art photoshop exercise
digital video about art and creativity
painting by Laura Sherrill Ligon
image from Escape Velocity mvie
digital art revolution book cover

Digital Art Revolution Extras

Photoshop type panel
download images for digital art revolution creating fine art with Photoshop
Photoshop tutorial

Blog “Extras!”

Several of our blog entries provide content and helpful links as well as information that can be found nowhere else. We’ve added links to some of these blog entries so they can be easily accessed:

Essays about creativity:

1. Channeling the Creative Flow - Guest Blog by Joe Nalven

2. Can We Learn to be Creative? - Scott Ligon’s Guest Blog on the Digital Art Guild Site.

3. Creativity Trialogue - Essay by Mel Strawn

Artist Networking - To Schmooz or Not to Schmooz, essay by Scott Ligon

Viktor Koen Interview - Max Eternity interviews artist Viktor Koen, whose work is featured in Digital Art Revolution, Creating Fine Art with Photoshop.

Interview with curator Joe Nalven about “Homage”, the Digital Art Guild’s Traveling show.

Non-digital synthesis - Scott Ligon talks about the paintings of Elizabeth Huey and discusses the influence of technology on non-digital works.

1, 2, 3. Three excerpts from Scott Ligon’s short animated film “Escape Velocity”.

Would Leonardo use Corel Painter? - Article by Bob Nolan from Digital image Magazine.

Art of John Spofford - Digital Art Revolution Artist and Cleveland Institute of Art Student

Author Daniel Pink talks about why right-brained creative types (literally) rule in the 21st century.

The award-winning artwork of illustrator Pierre-Paul Pariseau.

Ken Hopson - Digital Artist, Photographer, Musician and Sayer of Amusing Things.

Niki Smith - Artist for Zuda

Kevin Czapiewski - Comic Book Artist

Guest Blog by Jessica Maloney - Digital Distinctions - At What Point Does a Digital Photograph Become a Digital Image?

Guest Blog by J.D. Jarvis - “The Treachery of Digital Art”.

Sour's Worldwide Digital Video Collaboration

Digital Artist Davida Kidd in Krakow.

COMBO - a collaborative animation by Blu and David Ellis.

Guest Blog by Steve Parke - Art Should Be a Place Where Certain Rules Don’t Apply.

David DeVries - Monster Engine: Paintings Art from Children’s Artwork

NEW! See the bottom of this page for “Blog Extras”. More great content and information!

Photoshop tutorial from digital art revolution
Scott Ligon digital art lecture at MOCA Cleveland