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Extra: Escape Velocity Now on iTunes.

esc ape velocity shown at film festival

Photo by Jesse Olley, “Escape Velocity” at Hi Mom! Film Festival


Best Experimental Film -USA Film Festival. Dallas, TX. This is an Academy Qualified Competition, making “Escape Velocity” one of a handful of films eligible to be nominated for an Academy Award. “One of the oldest, most prestigious film festivals in the world.” -Chris Gore’s Ultimate Film Festival Survival Guide.

Best Short Documentary, Port Townsend Film Festival. Port Townsend, WA.

Best Experimental Short, Woods Hole Film Festival. Woods Hole, MA.

Best Animation (10-30 Minutes), Picture This...Film Festival, Calgary, AB, Canada.

Merit Award - Superfest XXVI- International Disabilities Film Festival. Berkeley,

Awarded Special Jury Citation for Originality of Vision, 24 fps Short Film & Video Festival. Abilene, TX.

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Film Trailer

Making of Escape Velocity

Escape Velocity film festival audience

Digital Art Revolution Extra

Only $1.99 U.S. Scott Ligon’s first animated short film, “Escape Velocity” is about the connection between A.D.H.D. and creativity. The film has played in festivals and theaters all over the world and has won several awards. Escape Velocity is now available on iTunes through Shorts International in London, the largest short film distributor in the world.