"…it just may be the best introduction to Photoshop ever written.”

-Digital Image Magazine

“Digital Art Revolution approaches the digital art discussion not just from the technology angle, but from a "fine art" perspective as well; an aspect to the overall dialog that is much needed...”

-Huffington Post

"Whether it's finding your own artistic voice or learning how to use painting tools in Photoshop, this book is an engaging experience in the revolution that is digital art.”

-Photoshop Creative Magazine

“Award-winning digital artist and arts educator Ligon makes a convincing argument that digital technology has forever changed how art is made. Ligon's book is among the best for beginning and intermediate artists.”

-Library Journal

“Digital Art Revolution, by Scott Ligon (Watson-Guptill) is a very enjoyable and inspiring book of creative digital art ideas, theory and instructions. The intro chapter, "Welcome to the Revolution" makes it clear that it is written with an artist's perspective, not that of a technician who has found some neat tricks...”

-Digital Art Education

“Ligon gives us the best short introduction to Photoshop I have seen. This is an excellent book from which to learn to make art through photography. It’s a joy and pleasure to study with him.”

-15 Minutes Magazine

“Scott Ligon has that rare combination of extraordinary creative powers AND the ability to clearly explain and transmit this process to others. I recommend Digital Art Revolution to anyone who wants to create fine art on their computer.”

-Michael W. Dean, author of “$30 Film School”

Digital Art Revolution Reviews

“What strikes one first about artist Scott Ligon is his ability to grasp complex, creative abstractions -interpreting unwieldy data into useful, articulate information.  Surely that has something to do with his role as  Coordinator for the Digital Foundation Curriculum at the Cleveland Institute of Art.”

-Art Digital Magazine

“The progressive structure of the Digital Art Revolution appeals to a broad audience, from the eager beginner just learning Photoshop tools to the technically advanced digital artist looking to expand the possibilities of the medium.”

-PSA Journal (Photographic Society of America)

“… along comes Scott Ligon to add an impressive voice and contribution to the conversation about digital fine art with his new book.”

-Art Print Issues

“This book is aimed at Photoshop users of all levels, and has both tutorials and inspirational artwork from over 40 noted digital artists. It’s written in an easy-to-follow style and has lots of great tips.”

-Photoshop Daily

“This book is an enticing introduction to the possibilities available and is likely to seduce traditional artists away from their easels.”

-Zoom Street

“If I used a textbook in my digital art classroom, it would very likely be Scott Ligon's new Digital Art Revolution: Creating Fine Art with Photoshop.”

-Carrot Revolution

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